Become one of the most popular accounts on Instagram – I want to start with a question. Why should we apply social media for our businesses? Intertwitter states that Social media platforms are a modern way to bring the business a level higher. You can utilize them to connect with the customers, increase the popularity of a company brand and sales. There are many social media platforms introduced over the last decade.

Some of the important social media platforms are as follows:

  1. Instagram;
  2. Facebook;
  3. Twitter;
  4. YouTube;
  5. Pinterest;
  6. Reddit, etc.

Become one of the most popular accounts on Instagram – In today’s world, an Instagram business account can bring a lot of benefits for both users and companies. Right now, Instagram has over 8 million users active on a daily basis and it became of the most important marketing tools for advertising services through social media.

For someone eager to change the traditional way of trading to a more modern one, that is social media marketing, creating an Instagram business profile can be the first step. But it would be not enough. What you needed to do is to understand how to attract more followers, more likes, and shares, to get your profile to the ‘Most Trending List of Instagram’. Some may use skills for this end and grow their followers organically but some may buy Instagram followers . ‘Trending List of Instagram’ are the profiles being mostly-discussed by users, today.

Instagram provides endless opportunities for businesses to grow and evolve. Here they can target a large number of audiences for marketing their products or services. By using the right tactics you can flourish in your industry through the help of Instagram marketing. Knowing this feature, the company can use Instagram to further engage with the customer, increase the number of sales and revenue.

Do you want to be part of this ‘Trending List of Instagram?’. Are you going to make all of your efforts and spend energy on bringing your profile name to the top of this list? We are here are to help you. Here, we have given instructions on how to become one of the most followed and trending accounts on Instagram.

Become one of the most popular accounts on Instagram

Step 1: Change to Business Account

Instagram Business Account is the first thing you should do to advertise your services and products online. Unlike business account, normal accounts don’t provide you with many options as business account do.

 Step 2: Life Period

Bing the most followed accounts on Instagram is not easy and it takes time. You should have a long-term vision about it and try to stay at the platform for a long period. It has been proven that an old account tends to appear more in the explore page of Instagram as compared to a newer one. We suggest that you spare enough time for your business profile.

Step 3: Instagram Followers

You know that to be a part of the trending list, you should increase your active followers. Engagement comes up in terms of more likes, comments, and impressions on your posts, thus giving you more attention.

Step 4: Utilizing Hashtags in the Best Way

In the Instagram environment, hashtags are keywords used to describe what they just posted on Instagram. People use hashtags on social media to easily find related posts or information they are searching for. Hashtags also help you bring your account higher in terms of popularity and result in exposure enhancement.

If you strategically use hashtags in your posts, the chance of your profile to be placed in the trending list of Instagram will be increased. Keep in mind that not every hashtag is useful. Choose your hashtags wisely.

Step 5: Feedback From Followers

What is the better way than making conversation and asking feedbacks from customers to improve your Instagram account? People tend to follow accounts that keep up the conversation with them. We suggest that:

  1. Ask questions from your followers;
  2. Ask for suggestions or queries.

From this, you can organize your profile so it can attract more audiences.

Step 6: Posts

Posting the right content at the right time is required. The less your post, the more the chance of losing followers will be. You should bring consistency to your post. Have innovative ideas. This will help you improve your image in your followers’ minds.

The best time for posting cannot be determined and it depends on your audiences and the type of business you have. However, you can use Instagram insights to know when your followers are most active and post accordingly. Also, you can post those content that attracts more audiences, likes, and comments. Therefore, you can organize your next content based on this feedback.

Step 7: Captions

Writing good captions that attracts more audiences is one of the most important things you must consider while trying to be part of the “‘Trending List of Instagram”. A caption act as the voice of your posts and conveys its meaning to the audience. Having short, attractive, and descriptive captions are required.

These above steps are required to get you to the “Trending List of Instagram”. We hope it will be helpful.